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Immuno Boost with Elderberry and Echinachea

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  • Concentrated vitamins and herbal extracts for superior absorption and immunity support.
  • Formulated by our board-certified toxicologist and pharmacologist.

Our new supplements are CBD-free with essential vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts that your body needs. Our Immuno Boost supplement combines potent antioxidants like elderberry extract, vitamin-C, and astaxanthin with known immunity boosters like echinacea, zinc, and vitamin-D3, creating a superior combatant against infection and illness. Perfect for daily immunity support, air travel, or seasonal changes.  Make sure you’re staying healthy and strong this season and every season with our Immuno Boost herbal supplement.  Available in our 30ct bottle.

*Note: This product does not contain CBD nor any other cannabinoid. 

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There are both plant extracts and vitamins that strengthen our immune system, and now they are all available in one single tablet. Our premium Immuno Boost herbal supplement includes concentrated elderberry extract (packed with known antioxidants and vitamins), and concentrated echinachea extract (flowering plant, known for boosting immunity support). These two extracts are powerful combatants against disease and infection, however, these aren’t the only active ingredients in our Immuno Boost tablet. We further include antioxidants like vitamin-C and astaxanthin, as well as immunity boosters like zinc and vitamin-D3.

Super charge your immune system during air travel and seasonal changes with our superior blend of antioxidants and known immunity support plant extracts. Our Immuno Boost supplement is the perfect blend to keep you active, healthy, and strong.


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