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  • The Rx Essentials – our most popular product; highly concentrated, plant-based relief
  • Formulated by our board-certified toxicologist and pharmacologist
  • MCT Oil + CBD + Concentrated Terpenes in both Sativa and Indica

Based in coconut-derived MCT oil, our advanced sublingual drops include highly concentrated, full-spectrum CBD at 50mg per single mL. But, unlike our competitors, we aren’t just adding CBD to a bottle. Cannabinoids like CBD are 2-3x more effective when combined with terpenes. Our innovative sublingual drops include highly concentrated terpene profiles in addition to our full-spectrum CBD oil.  The Rx Essentials includes two trial sizes (5mL) of our sublingual drops – one with our Sativa terpene profile (energizing; intended for mornings) and one with our Indica terpene profile (sedating; intended for evenings).

**Note: You will not feel “stoned” when consuming a full-spectrum product (includes THC at 0.3% or less). If you cannot have even a trace amount of THC in your system, we recommend our isolate sublingual drops (99% CBD, 0% THC).

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